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Kisah joko tinggkir versi bahasa Inggris

Kisah joko tinggkir versi bahasa Inggris

Banyu Biru is the name of a remote village in a town in Central Java. The nature is very beautiful and good soil. In the village lived a very pious and wise, named Ki Buyut Banyubiru.

In one afternoon, came a young man who wanted to learn from him. The young man named Jim Tingkir.

Is it true, I was dealing with Ki Buyut Banyubiru? "Said Joko Tingkir with respect to the male half old in front of him.

"Indeed I Ki Buyut Banyubiru and I know your need so that you come here," said Ki Buyut Banyubiru. Joko arrival Tingkir intent was to ask for forgiveness from the Sultan of Demak to atone for killing Dadungawuk.

At home Ki Joko Tingkir Buyut Banyubiru besides, there was another young man named Mas Manca who live there. He comes from the village on the slopes of Mount Lawu Kalpitu. Every second day the young man received a variety of science to add magic.

"From midnight tonight you must endure a dip in the cold river water," said Ki Buyut Banyubiru to the two young men.

"In this way you will be able to control myself and control the passions," said Ki Buyut Banyubiru. The two young men running orders without complaining.

Not feel Joko Tingkir Banyubiru been studied in the village for three months. One day he was called by Ki Buyut Banyubiru to be given advice and orders.

"My son Joko Tingkir, it is time you appeared before the Sultan of Demak. This, receive a handful of soil. If one day you meet with the bull, put this land into his mouth. The bull was going berserk and ran to Square Prawata. It was then that Sultan will call you, "said Ki Buyut Banyubiru. Joko Tingkir listen carefully. Then he excused himself and blessing of Ki Buyut Banyubiru.

Joko Tingkir accompanied by Mas Manca, Ki and Ki Wila Wuragil journey down the river with rafts.

"Look, there is a crocodile!" Joko shouted Tingkir. They do not realize it turns out his raft was mobbed by a swarm of crocodiles that directly attacked him savagely. With their brave fight and defeat the crocodiles that. Joko Tingkir even managed to beat the king of crocodiles in the river. In recognition of his defeat so much as forty crocodiles lined shore up the raft carrying Tingkir Joko and his friends. The raft was sliding quickly without needing their oars again.

Finally they arrived at the river bank and soon entered the jungle. Suddenly they saw a ferocious bull is ready to attack. Koko Tingkir immediately enter the land given by Ki Buyut Banyubaru into a bull's mouth. Immediately the raging bull and run Prawata Square.

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