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Cerita ande ande lumut bersi bahasa Inggris

Cerita ande ande lumut bersi bahasa Inggris

In ancient times, there was a great kingdom called Kahuripan. However, in order to prevent war Kahuripan fraternity is divided into two Kingdoms, namely the Kingdom of Kediri and Janggala. One day before the King Erland died, he gave orders to reunite both the kingdom.

Finally, the Kingdom was agreed to unite the two Kingdoms, by way of marrying the Prince of Janggala, Raden Panji Asmarabangun. With beautiful princess Dewi Sekartaji of Kediri Kingdom.

However, the decision to marry Prince Raden Panji Asmarabangun with Princess Sekartaji, at about the Stepmother Princess Sekartaji. Because the second wife of Kediri kingdom wants her own daughter who became Queen Jenggala. Finally, he planned to kidnap and hide Sekartaji daughter and her biological mother.

One day, Raden Panji come into the kingdom of Kediri to marry Dewi Sekartaji. However, Sekartaji daughter had disappeared. Knowing that Prince Panji very disappointed. However, Stepmother Sekartaji daughter persuaded her to keep the wedding ceremony. Princess Sekartaji replaced by his biological daughter Intan Sari. But Prince immediately rejected the proposal.

Because very disappointed, Prince Panji decided to look for Princess Sekar and his mother. He eventually changed his name to Ande-ande Lumut. One day, he was helping a grandmother who was named Mbok Randa distress. Finally, mbok Randa him as a foster child and stay at home mBok Randa.

One day, Ande-ande Lumut ask her adoptive mother to announce that he was looking for a wife. Many village girls around the village Dadapan to meet and apply Ande-ande Lumut. However, no one he received to be made of his wife.

Meanwhile, Princess Candrawulan Sekar and his mother managed to free himself from captivity stepmother. They also send a message through the Bird Pigeons for up to the King of the Kingdom of Kediri. Knowing that Princess Sekar and his mother sent a letter. Intan Sari and his mother fled immediately.

Sekar daughter very happy and intend to meet the Prince Panji. However, he was disappointed that the Prince Panji had gone wandering. He decided to travel also to look for Prince Panji.

One day, when the Princess Sekar arrived at the home of a widow who possessed three beautiful girls. Name the three widows are, Klenting Red, Blue and Klenting Kelentin Ijo. Finally, Princess Sekar also change its name to Klenting Yellow.

Hearing the news that originates and villages news Dadapan it mention if mBok Randa has a foster child, a young man who was very handsome wajahnya_ Ande-ande Lumut name. Handsomeness Ande-ande Lumut very famous became a byword where-rnana. Many girls who come to the village to apply for a foster child Dadapan Randa mBok it.

The news of the Ande-ande Lumut were looking for wife heard by all four of the beautiful girl. Finally, the widow sent her children to go to see Ande-Ande Lumut.

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