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Dongeng nyi roro kidul dalam bahasa Inggris

Dongeng nyi roro kidul dalam bahasa Inggris

In ancient times there was a large kingdom in Java. People lived prosperous. The kingdom led by King Mundangwangi wisely. He had a consort named Dewi moon and blessed with a daughter of the goddess Kadita very pretty. At that time a king usually had another wife called concubines. Similarly, King Mundangwangi, He has a concubine named Dewi Mutiara. Turns Dewi Mutiara has a bad character because he always felt jealous of the moon goddess.

One day Pandita Court facing King Mundangwangi. He said that soon the King Mundangwangi will acquire a son of his concubine, Dewi Mutiara. Prabu Mundangwangi very happy because he had long waited for the birth of offspring.

"Although my son was born of a concubine, but I picked up my authority he will become crown prince," said Prabu Mundangwangi the Supreme Pandita. Dewi Mutiara who secretly listened to the welcome with great joy.

It turns greeting the Great Pandita true, because not long after Mutiara Dewi pregnant.

Once it was time he gave birth to a baby boy. Prabu Mundangwangi very excited to welcome the birth of his son. He also cherish Dewi Mutiara, but also still love the moon goddess and goddess Kadita. It turns out it makes Dewi Mutiara feel jealous, he wanted to be loved by the King Mundangwangi completely.

"I've got to get rid of the moon goddess and goddess Kadita so eventually I who will be the consort of the king," murmured Dewi Mutiara.

Dewi Mutiara prepare his evil intentions to mature. On one evening he went to the forest to see Grandma Jahil accompanied by a loyal bodyguard. Grandma Jahil very bad face, his body thin but looks healthy and very agile. He is also very powerful and master all magic. Dewi Mutiara deliver bad intention to harm the moon goddess and goddess Kadita.

"All right, tomorrow night I'm going to the palace and indirectly to the contest and the moon goddess Dewi Kadita. Do not worry, keiginanmu will soon be realized," Grandma said Jahil convincing. Hearing ability Grandma Jahil then Dewi Mutiara indirectly gave a bag of gold as a reward for his services.

At night determined, Grandma Jahil entered the palace of King Mundangwangi. Because of his strength then nobody knows the arrival of Grandma Jahil are free to enter the contest and the moon goddess Dewi Kadita. Grandma Jahil then read the spell witch to summon demons to help out his evil plans. Once finished he bowed and blew the moon and Dewi Dewi face Kadita sleeping soundly.

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